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yOpen yOpen is a civic association, continuing the tradition of YMCA – an international Christian organisation. It’s vision and mission is to associate young people in building new friendships, reasonable use of leisure time, mutual help and a search for a harmonious life within meaning of physical, mental and spiritual balance.

yOpen yOpen is a Christian organisation, uniting people of different confessions, who are joined by Christian ethics and mutual respect. yOpen does not teach religion, it doesn’t substitute the work of churches, but helps in search for positive life values, trust and basis for life. It rejects any religious violence, fundamentalism and seeks for positive communication between various denominantions and other religions.

yOpen yOpen cooperates with an international YMCA organisation, European and World Alliance of YMCA, which are its associate multinational organisations.

yOpen yOpen offers recreational programmes, sports, meetings with friends, education and mutual social help. It organises smaller summer and winter camps, sports events, lectures, language camps, international gatherings, international youth exchanges, cultural events, elderly clubs, and trips.

yOpen yOpen has trained camp leaders, who have received MŠMT (Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports) accreditation, and supports further meaningful training of its members.

yOpen yOpen supports firm family ties, harmonious relationships between its members, and tries to support family's healthy functioning. It supports pro-family organisations, and cooperates with them where possible.

yOpen yOpen has a positive attitude toward the environment, and organises assistance work groups to revitalise sports fields and cultural traditions.

yOpen yOpen is managed by volunteers and has no paid employees.

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